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Lästips: Krigets effekt på somaliska män


22. Funeral of IssaAbdi Issa, Kisema Peace and HR organisation
Begravning i Somalia, Foto: Amnesty International

En intressant rapport har  nyligen publicerats i Kenya från Rift Valley Institute: ”The impact of war on Somali men”

Rapporten bygger på forskning som utfördes mellan december 2013 och maj 2014. Så här beskrivs bakgrunden till rapporten i  introduktionen:

”This is the first extensive study of Somali male experiences of the war and its consequences. It builds on an earlier study on Somali women’s experiences of the war, documented in the publication ”The untold story, the war in the Eyes of Somali ´women” Judith Gardner & Judy El-Bushra [eds], 2004). According to the women in that study, women’s and girl’s lives would not fully recover until the impact of the war on adult and young men had been addressed.

Eight years later, despite a growing interest globally in war and masculinities there is still little understanding of the impact of more than two decades of war, dislocation, exile and chronic instability on Somali men and male youth.

Little is understood of what it is like to be male in Somali society today, how men and boys’ fates and opportunities are shaped by their gender identity, as well as their other identity markers such as clan, class, age, and social and marital status. Nor is much understood of the challenges men face in trying to uphold traditional male gender roles and responsibilities in a radically changed context, or of what options exist outside these normative roles.”


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